This course is designed primarily – but not exclusively – for those with an existing PPL(Gyroplanes),who after flying for a number of hours,post General Flying Test,now wish to extend their Gyroplane flying and increase both their skill and confidence levels.

It’s probably a good time to review one’s flying,to ensure that no bad habits have crept on over the hours since gaining their licence,leading to short-cuts and possible over-confidence – and a great opportunity to polish basic gyroplane operating skills already learned.

For those trained and more used to flying from long hard runways,this is a chance to open up the possibility of flying their gyroplane from a field nearer to their home and even establishing their own grass strip – with all the fun,flexibility,convenience and economy that brings.

The course also allows those wishing to become Gyroplane Instructors to have a taster into what

is required,in order both to teach in the air,flying in command from the rear seat and also how to

teach in the classroom.

Typically,the Course will include some or all of the following;

  • Appreciation of operating from short grass strips,sometimes with sloping ground,cambers and gradient and also semi-prepared strips and farm and forest tracks.
  • Advanced upper-air manoeuvres and varied engine-off profiles.
  • Practise forced landings – into both strips and fields.
  • Appreciation of Mountain Flying – and when and where not to fly.
  • Apects of Low Flying – safely.
  • Low-level dead-reckoning navigation.
  • Flying in-command from the rear seat.
  • Flying in and near to Controlled Airspace – what to do and what to say.
  • General Flying accuracy.
  • Formation Flying – an introduction.
  • Preparation for Instructor Course.An introduction in how to teach both in the air and in the classroom.
  • Review of Aerodynamics.
  • The course is designed to be both challenging and FUN!
  • There’s really lots of flexibility as to which parts of the course you would wish to concentrate on,either in part or as a whole.

The course is based at our own private strip at Berrier,though we will be using other airstrips in Cumbria,as well as fields and semi-prepared strips nearer to home.We also have a forest track available,most days,for touch and go’s.

We have access to over a thousand acres of land near to Berrier for both field and strip landing practise.

There will be hangarage available for those who with to use their own aircraft otherwise you will be flying either our MT03 or Magni.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of Roger’s considerable flying experience,having more than 8.000 hours flying time,with the best part of 6.000 of that, flying a huge variety of autogyros.He’s been flying these fantastic machines for more years than he cares to remember….

He’s also a helicopter and Aeroplane and Glider pilot and a former helicopter instructor – and a previous winner of the Precision Flying section of the British Open Helicopter Championships..

He’s trained several current UK Gyroplane instructors,being a former instructor examiner.

Finding Us

Berrier is on the edge of Lake District National Park and is therefore in an incredibly beautiful area with very dramatic landscape – however it is surprisingly easily and readily accessible from the M6 Motorway,being less than ten minutes drive from Junction 40 at Penrith,along the A66 toward Keswick.

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